I am a front-end web developer, games designer, and games developer currently working at Facebook. I primarily work in React, Flux, and Flow, with PHP/Hack on the backend.

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Terminal Fu v2

In my last post about terminal, I covered a few basic techniques to really amplify your abilities in the bash prompt. Solid! Customizing the prompt, creating aliases, and the super handy “double bang” have held their own for quite some time. Yet I find there are some things missing from the experience that really keep it from being enjoyable. Why Change? I found myself at a standstill trying to get the ridiculous auto-complete system working in bash.

Improving your Terminal-fu

Terminal plays a huge part in doing any sort of web development on a mac or linux-based environment. Whether you are using package managers, custom build processes, or just using it for minor things here and there, it could seem like a necessary annoyance. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can increase your productivity and improve your terminal experience. Update - 3/3/14 Check out part two of this series, covering ZSH.

Hide Objects Blocking Player View

In most isometric-esque RTS-style game views, sometimes pesky walls can pop into view, hindering the player’s connection with the protagonist. This isn’t good but is easily solvable with many different solutions. One, highlight the player’s outline when it is behind objects. Two, hide the interfering objects. Three, masking shaders to overlay over the screen. There are, of course, many other solutions, but I’ll only explore these in this post through the use of Unity.