Work for Edie Brickell

Song of the Day

Another really fun project for Edie! When we launched the original site last year, she decided to start doing a new song every day. She stuck with it and one year later, to commemorate the Song of the Day, I built a media player specifically for handling this part of the site. Working alone this time, I developed the system that interfaces with Soundcloud to pull in and stream tracks with their API. The system also hooks directly into the existing CMS for her site, allowing her to continue using the same process to add new songs every day. It also features a custom playlist system that lets users build playlists out of the tracks they like and then share them with their friends. The design was done by Amy-Beth, a close friend of Edie’s and my day-to-day contact for all things website.

I was approached by Edie’s team with a request for developing a brand new site to show off Edie’s work. They sent over some imagery of the Jukebox theme that they had been exploring. I pulled in a designer and good friend of mine, Ben Miller, to help move the theme into an applicable design. Over the course of several months we designed and developed the site to help showcase Edie’s music, videos, and photos. There has been great and positive feedback from Edie’s team and this project has been a blast to work on!

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