Work for Tag New Media

Drive Electric VT

Working with Tag New Media, I was tasked with implementing this design in their CMS, Sitefinity. The project used ASP.NET, C#, and the Sitefinity CMS all in tandem. I worked to create several in-site modules as well as customization on top of the core Sitefinity functionality. I also implemented the base Twitter Bootstrap as requested by the client. The map on the Public Charging Stations uses NREL data combined with the Google Maps API to give users a usable map filled with real data. The toughest part of the project was overcoming the difficulties of using Sitefinity and having limited access ( I was only able to use the actual CMS to do any editing of the site ). Overall, the final product is very near the original designs despite the limitations, and gives the client full control over content and layout of each page.

Love Your Light

Project for Efficiency Vermont. Built a multi-use widget for their Sitefinity system that pulls in data through ASP.NET and prints it out in an interactive way. Look at the different light types and wattage to see data about average costs for the different types of bulbs. There is even a mobile version of the widget that adjusts the layout to fit on a smaller screen.

Wellness Brewed

I was pulled in to this project a little under half way through it’s development. I worked in tandem with another developer on copy updates, but my main focus was on the Our Beverages page and the associated Javascript. Using jQuery I implemented the sliding animation and used CSS to make everything fit. The project also went through Sitecore and required posting and updating new content.


Working on a small team at TAG New Media, we designed and built a microsite to help promote Green Mountain Coffee’s Revv K-Cups. Powerful coffee meant to meet competition in the energy drink crowd, we needed something as high energy as the coffee itself. Using the packaging design, we built visualizations around the amped up audio and motion to match. We also built a game that has players dodging walls and grabbing Revv K-Cups to boost in a constantly moving tunnel. A great project and lots of fun to work on!

Champlain College Game Studio

Working at TAG New Media, I worked with a small team to build this site for Champlain College’s Game Studio program. The college offers several tracks for game students including Art and Animation, Design, Programming, and Production. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Design track while at Champlain and very excited to be a part of this site’s development.