Flash Portfolio Items


Working on a small team at TAG New Media, we designed and built a microsite to help promote Green Mountain Coffee’s Revv K-Cups. Powerful coffee meant to meet competition in the energy drink crowd, we needed something as high energy as the coffee itself. Using the packaging design, we built visualizations around the amped up audio and motion to match. We also built a game that has players dodging walls and grabbing Revv K-Cups to boost in a constantly moving tunnel. A great project and lots of fun to work on!

Champlain College Game Studio

Working at TAG New Media, I worked with a small team to build this site for Champlain College’s Game Studio program. The college offers several tracks for game students including Art and Animation, Design, Programming, and Production. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Design track while at Champlain and very excited to be a part of this site’s development.


This was the final project of my career at Champlain College. The first semester was all about the design of the game. Josh Camire and I were the two designers of Epoxy and together we worked to produce a prototype. Our project was selected to move forward into production second semester. I acted as the only programmer on the team, helping with odd-jobs of miscellaneous necessities within the project.


Drift is a game that was built and designed for my Game Production II class. The game design, which was a group effort, utilized a very simple gravity-based mechanic which allows the player to maneuver through the world by using gravity wells. The project had a very short time frame, so I developed the engine to be very modular and allow us to be designing, developing, and level-building almost at the same time. The level editor uses built in engine functionality that allowed us to see exactly what a level would feel like when in the game itself.