This was the final project of my career at Champlain College. The first semester was all about the design of the game. Josh Camire and I were the two designers of Epoxy and together we worked to produce a prototype. Our project was selected to move forward into production second semester. I acted as the only programmer on the team, helping with odd-jobs of miscellaneous necessities within the project.

Classic Snake

Classic Snake game. Collect the apples and avoid the walls and your tail! Arrow keys control the movement.


Attempt to re-create the classic by Atari. Use the space bar to fire and the arrow keys to move and rotate. You can move forward and backwards in this one!

FPS Trainer

Ran across a few CounterStrike maps online that claimed to improve the muscle memory required to better your First Person Shooter skills. I decided that it could definitely be done in Flash and set out to do so. It actually works too! You can watch your skill improve!


Drift is a game that was built and designed for my Game Production II class. The game design, which was a group effort, utilized a very simple gravity-based mechanic which allows the player to maneuver through the world by using gravity wells. The project had a very short time frame, so I developed the engine to be very modular and allow us to be designing, developing, and level-building almost at the same time.