Terminal Fu v2

In my last post about terminal, I covered a few basic techniques to really amplify your abilities in the bash prompt. Solid! Customizing the prompt, creating aliases, and the super handy “double bang” have held their own for quite some time. Yet I find there are some things missing from the experience that really keep it from being enjoyable. Why Change? I found myself at a standstill trying to get the ridiculous auto-complete system working in bash.

Improving your Terminal-fu

Terminal plays a huge part in doing any sort of web development on a mac or linux-based environment. Whether you are using package managers, custom build processes, or just using it for minor things here and there, it could seem like a necessary annoyance. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can increase your productivity and improve your terminal experience. Update - 3/3/14 Check out part two of this series, covering ZSH.


Revolv is a local Boulder company building a product that will tie together all your smart home devices and connect them to the web so you can control them in an intuitive and fun way. They approached me with an existing wordpress site, a design for a new homepage, and a challenge to implement it all and make it responsive. I worked with them to generate the different layouts for each potential screen size while making sure the content hierarchy still made sense.


I had the great opportunity to work with Seventh Generation on the release site for their new Boosts products. I was hired to do the development work, which included a fully interactive quiz to help viewers find the right Boost for their skin as well as the minor parallax effect of the backgrounds. While the site seems simple at first glance, it was a blast to work with the different JS systems that drive the parallax and the quiz.

Song of the Day

Another really fun project for Edie! When we launched the original site last year, she decided to start doing a new song every day. She stuck with it and one year later, to commemorate the Song of the Day, I built a media player specifically for handling this part of the site. Working alone this time, I developed the system that interfaces with Soundcloud to pull in and stream tracks with their API.

Drive Electric VT

Working with Tag New Media, I was tasked with implementing this design in their CMS, Sitefinity. The project used ASP.NET, C#, and the Sitefinity CMS all in tandem. I worked to create several in-site modules as well as customization on top of the core Sitefinity functionality. I also implemented the base Twitter Bootstrap as requested by the client. The map on the Public Charging Stations uses NREL data combined with the Google Maps API to give users a usable map filled with real data.

Welcome To Banshee

Built to help show off HBO’s Banshee tv show. Developed using HTML, LESS, and JS alone, using the Flixmaster video API. This allowed us to connect the video directly to the page, which results in graphics fades to increase the engagement with the site. While relatively image-heavy, the site is built to load as quickly as possible.

Love Your Light

Project for Efficiency Vermont. Built a multi-use widget for their Sitefinity system that pulls in data through ASP.NET and prints it out in an interactive way. Look at the different light types and wattage to see data about average costs for the different types of bulbs. There is even a mobile version of the widget that adjusts the layout to fit on a smaller screen.


In order to launch their new initiative, GraphMassive, SpotRight needed to overhaul their site to make way for new content. Built in wordpress, the theme is created to be lean and mean, giving the editors a great deal of power over the content that’s displayed. I generated a few base templates and built the initial page layouts to help launch the build. The blog took on a new form as well.


Fun project for Green Mountain Coffee meant to showcase their different Keurig brewing options. Uses javascript to create simple animations, bringing life to the pages. Built within the Sitecore system.

Wellness Brewed

I was pulled in to this project a little under half way through it’s development. I worked in tandem with another developer on copy updates, but my main focus was on the Our Beverages page and the associated Javascript. Using jQuery I implemented the sliding animation and used CSS to make everything fit. The project also went through Sitecore and required posting and updating new content.

Theme Your Blog with Bones

BonesĀ is an awesome HTML5 responsive blank template for WordPress blogs. It makes excellent use of LESSCSS, 320-and-up, and the power of WordPress. Well organized with plenty of starter files for you to tweak, Bones makes it a breeze to theme your blog and get the results you always dreamed of. This will be more of an overview of the features and how to get going. Getting Started Of course, to start you’ll need to download the Bones theme and pop it into your editor setup.

ASPCA Founder's Society

Developed from the Starkers wordpress theme, the ASPCA Founder’s Society site is meant to allow members to nominate local groups for a chance to win a $5,000 grant from the ASPCA. Using the voting system developed by Giveo, I implemented the designs and utilized the wordpress CMS in order to give all the control to the client.


I was approached by Edie’s team with a request for developing a brand new site to show off Edie’s work. They sent over some imagery of the Jukebox theme that they had been exploring. I pulled in a designer and good friend of mine, Ben Miller, to help move the theme into an applicable design. Over the course of several months we designed and developed the site to help showcase Edie’s music, videos, and photos. There has been great and positive feedback from Edie’s team and this project has been a blast to work on!

Champlain College Game Studio

Working at TAG New Media, I worked with a small team to build this site for Champlain College’s Game Studio program. The college offers several tracks for game students including Art and Animation, Design, Programming, and Production. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the Design track while at Champlain and very excited to be a part of this site’s development.