I was approached by Edie’s team with a request for developing a brand new site to show off Edie’s work. They sent over some imagery of the Jukebox theme that they had been exploring. I pulled in a designer and good friend of mine, Ben Miller, to help move the theme into an applicable design. Over the course of several months we designed and developed the site to help showcase Edie’s music, videos, and photos. There has been great and positive feedback from Edie’s team and this project has been a blast to work on!

It was developed from the ground up using CodeIgniter and jQuery. Since Edie has quite a lot of content, I wanted to make good use of other services to help her expand her reach. Making good use of APIs, I hooked into SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Flickr in order to store and share her stuff!

I also developed a comprehensive yet simple Content Management System that allows her to add, remove, and manage content. This also works in tandem with the third-party services to make sure her changes are reflected globally. Using drag-n-drop ordering, modal editing dialogs, and a public/private toggle system, the CMS makes updating the site a breeze.